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Hello, my name is Laura

I am a Spanish photographer and Art Director from Barcelona. 

I am based in UK, where I moved 9 years ago after finishing my Fine Arts Degree and a MA in Fashion Photography.

During these last 9 years, I worked for different fashion and lifestyle brands, in UK and international, and my work has been published in different publications. 

Some of the clients I worked for are: Canon, Christian Dior Perfumes, Selfridges, Rachel Jackson, P.Kingsley, Amazon Fashion among others. 

These last years are full of anecdotes, adventures and funny stories that I would love to share with you. 

I am always up to something, so you can follow my adventures here.

Let's connect and let me help you capture your business and tell you story. 

 Get in touch at:

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Reasons to work with me

I think the main reason why someone would decide to work with me is because I care a lot about every single project I get involved in. 

I give my best to my client's project, almost like it is mine.

I know how hard it is to start a business: how important that project is for my client and how many hours they put into it. It means a lot to them. 

I want to be a helping hand, someone who can be along their journey and support them.

I will bring all my experience and expertise into your project and it will look its best thanks to my photography. 

I also try to bring some fun into the shoots while being professional, and I make sure everyone it's look after and can enjoy the shoot. 


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