I am Laura. 

I am a Spanish photographer and creative director based in the UK. 


I am originally from Barcelona, Spain, where life is good and slow and people talk all the time. 


Me, not being an exception, I was a shy little girl who wanted to be an astronaut, a painter, a musician and a secret detective. 

I remember asking my parents: "Can I be more than one thing when I will grow up?" 


I couldn't choose, there were so many things to be!

Fast forward,  I ended up studying arts and fashion - goodbye astronaut career - and seven years ago I decided to move to London to further my career as a photographer. 

Time and life have taught me that to succeed in your business, you need to focus on one thing, on what you do best. That is your area of expertise, your purpose, your calling! 


Because to run your business, you have to love it, you have to believe in it.  Because you are also going to hate it sometimes and only true loves teach us not to give up. 


And that is something no one tells you about. That is the difference between a hobby and starting your business.


And what I do best is to come up with ideas. I am an idea machine. Seriously, I cannot stop coming up with ideas all the time: during conversations with friends, while going to art galleries, during yoga lessons...


And then I love to capture them and make them real.


So, if you need ideas, here I am, let's talk and let me help you to truly love your business. 

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