I am a picture story teller

and I want to tell your story

I am Laura, content creator based in London, originally from Barcelona, Spain.


Thanks for making it to the About section, that tells me you have been interested at least a tiny bit in what you have seen on my website :)

I will explain with a bit more detail of what I do:

I offer a tailored and personalised service to my clients: I listen to their story, analyse their brand, see their needs and understand their ideas.


We all have a goal or dream that we want to achieve, so I basically help people to put it into images. I capture the essence of their story, the effort behind all that hard work, their ideas and dreams, and I tell their story through my pictures.


So, do you want to tell me your story?

I am here to listen and capture it. 


If you have any questions at all,  you can always book a consultation with me, just drop me a line and we can organise some time to chat :)


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