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Welcome to Espasa, my painting and art business.  

Apart from a Photographer, I am also an artist graduated in Fine Arts for the University of Barcelona. Due to the lockdown situation I had the time to put this new online initiative and I am truly enjoying it!

I am  hosting online painting lessons that are done live. What does it mean? It means that I am going to be teaching while you are drawing and painting, all done online. 

On these lessons, I will teach how to draw a silhouette with pencil and then paint it with organic materials that you may already have home, like wine, or coffee or turmeric! The pigment will vary depending on the class and we will draw something new in every lesson. 

You can see an example of my Wine Painting class on the video below: 

















Painting Online - Sunday's at 4pm London time



Duration of the class: 1 hour 30 min

Price: £8


Pen and pencil

Masking tape

White paper - I would recommend if you have watercolour paper or any thick paper

Paint, watercolour, acrylic... any pigments you can find at home!


Once you have made the payment, I will send you an invitation to the live lesson.

This lesson will be live and private:  I will be teaching you while you are drawing and painting through Zoom and only the people who has purchased a ticket will have access.


There are different options on how to take this lesson: 


  • You can basically follow my steps with your video and mic off and enjoy your wine/coffee while painting. 


  • You can turn on the camera and show me your progress: I can be reviewing your work and guiding you on every step of the way. You can even communicate with the other people attending the course and supporting each other. So this can be as social as you would like to :)

So if you think you want to give it a go, please fill the contact form below, state which course would you like to attend and I will send you an email with more details and… I will see you on the class! :)

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