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Finding my brand

Here is a confession: during the last months of this year, I realised I was a bit lost. Things weren't really working for my photography business. Yes, COVID didn't help at all, but it was something else. It was... not really sure what I was doing. Yes, I was taking pictures and keeping myself busy, trying to contact different companies, brands, basically trying to reach everyone... and I wasn't realising I was doing it completely wrong. All my efforts went in vain.

I was trying to please everyone and be the photographer for everyone. But that didn't make me happy and obviously it wasn't working.

And worst of all, I forgot what my purpose was. The real one. Yes, I had to pay the bills but... no one decides to be a photographer because they will earn lots of money and very quick, right?

I decided I had to do something about it. So I start researching. After reading lots of articles about online marketing, I realised I was missing some fundamental notions that I am currently putting into place.

One of them was finding my niche, amongs others: With who I want to work? Who is my ideal client? What am I offering? Do I even have a UPS? What are my core values? I needed some clarity within me to make sure I was sending the right message out there.

And I started working on that. The same way I always do for someone else, I decided to create a beautiful presentation with visual references and different ideas, but this time about my brand. I started working on my brand. I am still working on it but now things seem a bit more clearer to me :)

And I came up with this idea:

"Content creation for brands that care about the planet & people".

I want to work with brands that care about the planet & people. I think sentence explains clearly what I want to do, what I offer. And I feel a bit happier. There is still so much to work on, but at least it is a good start!

Does all of that sounds familiar to you? Have you been in a similar situation?

If so, I perfectly can understand how you feel, which may be that you are about to have a massive breakdown. Sadly, I still don't have the answer to all my questions yet, I am not rich nor famous, however I want to help sharing with you some great resources that helped me a lot.

Here are some incredible talented people that thanks to their courses and articles, helped me to see a bit of light at the end of the tunnel.


- Betsy & Francis: they are a lovely, fun couple who have a very clear message: "Create beautiful and successful brands for conscious businesses who are fighting to make the world a better place".

They have some great resources on their website. I recently joined one of their online courses and they are the ones that inspired me to focus on my brand and re find my purpose.

- Jasmine Star: She is a source of good energy. She is a cool photographer and business strategist who has mastered social media and online marketing. She is fun, energetic woman who give you lots of tips, cares for you but also kicks your ass and ask you to start working and trusting yourself.

- Michelle Knight: I recently discovered Michelle's work, but I have to confess I have read almost all her articles and watched her videos. Always with a smile on her face, she gives you A LOT of information and very clear ideas that will inspire you to work on you and on your brand straight away.

They are very successful entrepreneurs, very nice and friendly people - I don't really know them in person, but I would love to! - so hopefully one day you and I can join these list too :)

Let me know if these resources have been helpful!

To a brighter future :)


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