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Why do I follow a "90-day" plan instead of monthly goals

If you have read any of my blog posts before, you will know I love a good plan.

To be truly honest, I am not an organised person by nature: I get distracted easily, I start lots of things that I then don't finish. I am that person who leaves clothes on a chair instead of putting them away.

But I love things being organised and tidying up gives me satisfaction, especially when I am finished and I see the results I have achieved ( when I finally put all the clothes in the drawers...pure pleasure afterwards!)

Also, being unorganised isn't a great quality for running a business, so I had to put in place some discipline and became an organised person... sort of. At least with work.

Everyone has their techniques and tools to be organised, mine is writing things down. Twice: one on my calendar and the other one on my agenda, so it feels like it gets into my brain.

I first started writing my goals monthly, but it was hard to see any results, so I decided to install a 90-day plan.

What is a 90-day plan?

A 90-day plan is very self-explanatory: a plan for the next 90 days. The next 90 days are more or less 3 months, a quarter if you want to call it that.

Why do I plan this way? I felt like in just a month was very difficult to see the bigger picture: I would get caught up just with instant results. If I was getting 2 rejections that week, that was all I could think about. And sometimes was a bit of a struggle to see any improvement or results, or it would stress me out to not achieve a goal by the end of the month.

With 90 days, I can see the bigger picture and improvement: I could see how many conversations I had, how many networking events I attended and how much I worked towards my goals. And almost without realising, how much I had achieved in those 3 months!

It also helps if you set realistic goals. I do a mix of very specific ones and others a bit more general.

For example, I would write down:

  • Get 2 new clients, pitch 10 new brands, go to 1 networking event = Very specific

  • Work in getting new connections with businesses, feel more confident showing up on social media = More general

One other thing I do is write my "wins of the week". I find that is very easy to just focus on the negative, so if I make myself write my "wins", little things I have achieved this week so I am aware of the positives.

Freelance life can be a bit isolating and overthinking it is quite common, so I feel like having little systems and tricks in place really helps. It will help you feel more in control of your business.

So now I have planned my April to June 90-day plan, and I hope I can achieve all the goals I have written!

I hope this blog post was helpful. If you ever need some help organising yourself or have some questions about freelancing, don't hesitate to reach out! :)


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