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The photography that your business needs to succeed

You may have your posts scheduled, found images on Pinterest, had a nice colour palette, a very well coordinated feed… you did all the work however you just realised that your pictures look exactly the same as everyone else’s.

Instagram is an over saturated market and good quality images can help your business to stand out.

It is always good to have a picture where you showcase your product in detail, but what helps to sell your product is an aspirational image. Jaw dropping images. Stop scrolling images. Those images that you see someone and think: “Damn I want to be her/him!"

Let me ask you something, what would make you pay more attention to: a picture of dress placed on a mannequin or a picture of a girl who looks super happy wearing that same dress’? Which one would you most probably buy the dress from?

I bet that you chose the latter. Do you know why? Because you are buying an inspiration, a story, a personality, a lifestyle.

Let me give you an example. The brand Sézane, which I adore and are a big fan. Do you know it? Ok, take a look at their website, I will wait.

Back? Ok! Let’s continue. If you like clothes and are a parisian style fan, you will fall in love with this brand. Why? look at the models, they look relaxed, classy, beautiful. Effortlessly happy and pretty. That could be you, how? Wearing those clothes. That is how they sell. The message you are getting into your brain when you see those pictures is: “ I would look beautiful and feel so good if I wear a Sézane”.

(This is not sponsored btw, I just love the brand and I admire their photography and business, I think they nailed it so I thought it was a good example).

My point is: having beautiful unique pictures will help your business to stand out and be on top of mind of your future customers. They will even identify those images with your brand and will remember you by your style.

So next time you are about to post a picture on IG, ask yourself: is this aspirational? Does it tell my business story or the lifestyle I want to talk about?

P. S. If you need any help getting professional photography, read my latest post blog here on where I talk about how to find the right photographer for you and your business.


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