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Hi everyone!

Hope you are enjoying the first days of spring, even if it is just from your window or garden!

Today I want to tell you a new story, the story of how I discovered Pixistock.

Pixistock is a stock photography business and content creation based in Maryland. Pixistock produce content creation, beautiful styled stock photos, graphic templates, photo presets and strategies.

And you will say... Laura, you are a content creator, and you also sell some stock photography... why are you promoting or talking about them? it isn't your direct competitors?

There are 2 things to learn from this:

The first one is that in Photography, there isn't really a real competition: real clients will book you for your style, for your personality and the way you work. And if you manage to do that effortless, staying professional and being kind, I am sure they will book you again. They will book YOU and not me for that reason, because even if we do the same, we do it differently.

Pixistock and I have very different styles, so we aren't really competition.

And the second one... you can change "competition" to allies :)

When I first heard about Pixistock, I checked all that the brilliant Alicia, founder of Pixistock, had already created: how much work, expertise she has put into her business, and how beautifully displayed was on her website. I thought: girl, WELL DONE, you just nailed, you have a very beautiful clear and practical business running and going.

And then I saw on her instagram that she was looking for collaborators who would create content for her...

So I don't even hesitate even a second to get in contact with her. She was very kind, very clear with what she needed from Pixistock collaborators, and since then, I have been working producing stock images for her.

When you produce content for a client, you study their brief, their style and interests, so you can create tailored content for them.

Pixistock pictures are very bright, with a natural field to it, very calming, so I thought that was the best time to talk about it :) Also, Alicia has lots of resources to get yourself organise during this time at home!

Take a look at the website link here and see attached some of the pictures I created for Pixistock which can be purchased on the website.

If you need a hand getting some new content or some planner documents, don't hesitate to visit Pixistock website or send me a message:)

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