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Wine Painting Lesson

It has been a long time since that I haven't enjoyed working as much as I did yesterday evening.

Yesterday I hosted the first Wine Painting lesson. I had 4 brilliant girls joining my 1 hour class and I have to say time flew by, for me and for them!

But what it really blew my mind was their feedback: they absolutely enjoyed it.

One of them told me: " I didn't know I could even draw!" the other said "I was petrified at the beginning, but then I was following your steps and all of a sudden the draw was appearing in my white paper!".

I couldn't be happier to hear those words, was even hard to believe them. Specially because I truly enjoyed it, it didn't even feel like I was working!

The feeling that you are teaching something and that person achieves the results they want thanks to your guidance... that felt great. They asked me when would be the next one because they definitely want to repeat the class again. So... I decided I am doing it again!

This time we will paint with coffee instead of wine. I will be hosting on Saturday April 18th, time tbc.

Also, I decided I am going to do one in Spanish for Sant Jordi, on the 23rd of April, this one with wine.

So...will you join me on any of those painting courses?

I will be writing soon all the details on my website.

See you there!

( see below the paintings of my loved winepainters <3 )

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