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Life is a funny game.

You can spend hours, days and months planning every single step on your business, dreaming about ideal clients or ideal projects to work on. And then you face reality, and the struggle becomes real. Because it isn't as ideal as you had planned in your head.

So you work hard, everyday, procrastinate a bit, back to work and to stress... and most of the time you keep going and going without seeing any result.

But then... magic happens. When you less expect. Like most of the best things in life, like love.

You end up connecting by chance with a brand on instagram that are doing a giveaway and you just tag your insta friends who are tired of you tagging them on all the giveaways that are happening now but hey, ho, that is the insta life.

And when you less expect it, when your head is busy trying to schedule every single idea and problem you have in your current life, a brand on instagram has tagged you on their profile: you have won a giveaway.

That brand was Mayari. I automatically think: I finally won something! Cute jewellery for FREE, wohooo! Who doesn't like that?! But that is not all.

This pieces come from a sustainable brand whose pieces are carefully designed & handcrafted by specialist artisans using 100% recycled materials and kind to earth and it is individually handmade.

You find out that your price comes from what you have been targeting as an ideal client.

So in return to my luck I decided to create this content for them and help to promote their ideal business. Content for them, cute earrings + promotion for me. If you want to check their pieces:

And now, I am going to not expect and keep going to be ready when something magical happens again.

On a side note, I LOVE these earrings, I wear them everyday&night.

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