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My studio

So excited to share these news!

I have finally found the perfect space for my business: a cute little studio in the area of Surrey, where I spend most of my weekends.

I am writing this during a break from painting the walls. The previous tenant was a painter and left a bit of her legacy on the walls, so I decided I wanted to start fresh and get clean white walls for me to make messy haha.

This is a dream come true, I have been dreaming about a studio for such a long time! The opportunity arise and I couldn't say no. I have got it for only 2 months with the possibility of extending it, so depending how the business goes, I will keep it or move on.

For the moment, I am very excited and planning how to build my photography studio and organise my painting workshops.

I will keep you posted with my photography and painting services and the evolution of the studio!

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