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Is Content/digital Creator the new title for Photographers?

Some months ago, I was doing my daily job hunting - as a self employed creative, I always have to keep an eye out for new projects and clients - and I realised there weren't any Photography jobs in the market.

I mean... there are never many photography jobs but... I was checking for months and months and it was a bit concerning. None. For months. And it wasn't even pandemic time yet.

I also kept an eye regularly on Linkedin. Despite that I managed to get couple of big jobs and meet some clients through this big platform, in my opinion it may not be the most favourable networking community for freelancers (correct me if I am wrong and please, show me the way to find freelance jobs there).

And then, when I was checking instagram, maybe one of the most useful tools to create connections with other creatives and target your ideal client... again, there was no sign of Freelance Photographer either.

But instead, I saw the title "Digital Creator". And then it clicked in my brain. I started to type in those 2 words in my browser and all of a sudden lots of job offers started coming up.

Have I been missing lots of jobs opportunities during these last months because I didn't know my title has changed?!

I realised once again society created 1 job out of 3 different ones. Because in order to be or to apply for Digital or Content Creator position, you have to be a Photographer / Graphic Designer / Writer. Oh, and also you have to know how to master all the different social media channels and a bit of marketing to know how to sell your product to the right audience. Isn't that a bit much to ask to one individual?

As a self employed business owner, you actually manage to be every employee in your company ( from runner to CEO) however, when you are looking for a job or meeting a new client, they should appreciate your specialty and they shouldn't expect you to do everything and obviously not for the same price.

If you are doing a 3 persons job, you should be paid consequently.

And also... the jobs I have seen as a photographer feels pretty much like a robot pressing a button. When did creative outcome die for Photographers? Do we have any saying on the creative side?

That fear has been with me the last months and shyly I name myself Content Creator, am I doing the right thing?

I love creating content, bringing ideas to my clients and producing them. They give me a brief and some visual references and then it is my turn to create! I own the creativity, it is my job to make those pictures for them, to photograph their product as they always imagined, help their loved business to have an image, a face to show to the world.

What do you think? Do you feel the same way when you are looking for a job? Do you have the same doubts and fears?

I would love to know your opinion!

Sincerely your Photographer/Content Creator/ Abitofeverything,


I better have a tea and get some patience too...

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