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Changing my fashion mindset

I am not someone who changes wardrobe every year - I cannot afford that - but I must admit that thought had crossed my mind in the past.

I normally keep clothes for a long time. Being the middle child of 3 siblings meant that I would wear 2nd hand jumpers for all my childhood, and I have to say there were the most comfy ones. Now, I borrow/steal those from my boyfriend, with permission, of course.

But even if I like my clothes and I keep them for a long time, after a while I feel like I want "something new".

And I am a confessed shop addict: I love shopping. I love clothes, I love going to the shops. I love seeing someone wearing something fabulous. I love how beautiful fabrics fall and move, how faces can bright up due to the right colour and the right pattern on your clothing.

I know clothes can have a big impact on how you feel and how you see yourself. They complement your personality. I even thought about being a fashion designer but I thought I wasn't fashionable enough so I let that dream go. Who knows, maybe one day!

But something inside told me I should definitely head towards fashion, at least try it, so after I graduated in Fine Arts and specialising on Photography, afterwards I decided to do a MA in Fashion Photography.

Then I moved to London and I have been working in the fashion industry ever since.

But going back to my fashion shopping mindset...

I had to eliminate that thought of " I have nothing to wear!" specially when I spent 3 months wearing the same jeans and jumper - got stuck at boyfriend's house for the first lockdown, I didn't know it would be 3 months so I didn't take any clothes with me more than what I was wearing- . And surprise, surprise... I survived with those clothes!

Also, the fashion industry is the second industry that contaminates more our planet. Some brands launch a new collection every week and that brings such a massive waste. For sure you heard about that term: "fast fashion".

You can feel something is changing in the fashion industry, but it isn't enough. I think we need to also change our mindsets and our shopping habits.

So seen that I can live with less but still fighting that craving for "something new", there are alternative options that are way more sustainable and that I am applying to myself. Those are:

- Buying second hand clothes, which are also cheaper. There are so many charity shops in London and Surrey. I can't wait to for them to open again. It is a bit like treasure hunting! My favourite one in London is Traid.

- I swap clothes with friends. Look for your friend who is same height than you and have a similar style.

- If I want to buy something new, I look for it in a sustainable brand. A real one, because some brands say that they are but they aren't. I will need to do some research!

- Do it yourself: if you are crafty enough, you can always amend your clothes. I cut a long dress into a blouse and a short skirt this past lockdown! I had lot of time in my hands :)

- I give my clothes to charity. Someone else can enjoy that beautiful dress in your wardrobe that you never wore. And then in the same charity shop you can find some good deal!

I am committed to bring my "granito de arena" like we say in Spain ( meaning contributing to) and start making changes to make my life more sustainable and ethically friendly. I know this takes time and it won't change from day to night, but little by little I will get there. It will be that plastic bag that millions of people (don't) through into the ocean so the ocean can stay clean :)

And I am going to be sharing it here with you. Any brands that I discover or interesting information, I will be recommending them here in case you want to join me on becoming more eco friendly.

On the picture, I am wearing a cardigan from second hand that I bought for 6 pounds, a dress I swap with a friend who has the same size as me, my earrings are from a sustainable jewellery brand called Mayari and my headband and tights are from h&m.

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