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Brand photography: Blifebalanced

Bunmi and I had been friends for the past 6 years.

When we get together, we still remember the time we were sitting on the coach, next to each other, wrap up in a blanket and looking for a job.

We were day dreaming about all the things we would buy once we would get that dream job!

She got a job one week before I did, and since then, we have been working in our career and we have been supporting each other, listening to each others complaints about work, bosses and also big achievements!

I became self employed almost 4 years ago now, and she has seen all the ups and downs I went through.

It isn't an easy road, but it is a very exciting one. Now she is doing the big jump into being her own boss, so I was so happy to work with her to create her visuals for her brand.

Bunmi had a clear idea of what she wanted to offer. She had her background, her studies, her training and experience. She was ready to jump: she had her logo, her webiste... there was only one thing she was missing: her content. How to represent all the work she does? How to be able to tell her story and people stop and listen ( or read)?

Bunmi told me what she likes, who she admires. I felt like I was almost interrogating her, but I had to: I wanted to create unique content that represents her ideas and dreams.

So I started the research. I studied her brand ethos. I looked at her logo and website. I researched the market where she will dive in and I broke down her brand identity to put it back together with images.

On our second meeting, I presented her with package where I explained her brand, what the colours of their palette meant and which content would work better for her business. I also created a Vision Board for her brand ( she said it was exactly what she wanted). See below:

And then, having into consideration how much time she can invest on her brand, I designed a plan strategy on how often to post on her social media channels and how to repurpose her content.

Once she was happy with the concepts and visuals, was time to make them real. We scheduled 2 shoots: one more focused on her yoga lessons and the other one for her coaching services.

Would you like to see the results? Click here

You can also find out more about Bunmi's business in her website:


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