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Digital Marketing for business: my 2nd job

Photography work has been very quiet these past months, so to make sure I could pay my bills I had to look for part-time jobs. Let me tell you, I am very pleased I did!

One of them, which I am still doing, is working as a digital marketing manager for a small business.

Digital marketing wasn't new territory for me: I do all my marketing for my 2 businesses and I share a weekly newsletter, as well as post regularly on social media.

I know the foundations, but it has been very interesting to run the marketing for someone else, and I have learned some valuable lessons that I thought I could share with you.

Having a clear Message

For this small business I am working with, they gave me a very clear message and values.

It is very clear what they do, their services, and their rules. Having a clear message is crucial.

Thanks to that, I know exactly what to say when answering people on social media or creating content. This clarity helps in maintaining consistency and building trust with the audience.

Look for Marketing Social Media Trends that Match Your Client

When creating content for social media, staying updated with the latest trends that can benefit your client. This could be new social media features, changes in consumer behaviour, or emerging industry trends. By staying ahead of the curve, you can offer innovative solutions and keep your client’s business relevant and competitive. But don't forget, not all trends will match your client, so make sure you only use the ones that go in line with them, or adapt the trend to your client's brand.

Repetition and Consistency

You would be surprised how many times you have to repeat the same message to different people. When you are already bored of hearing your own brand story, the same message... some people may be hearing it for the first time! So never underestimate repeating yourself. Consistency in your message reinforces your brand and makes it recognizable.

True Connections

After a period of time, you start to see who your audience is and receive messages from the same people. These people are incredibly valuable; they will become your fans and your ambassadors. Treat them like VIPs, and they will respond. Be personal with them. Building these true connections helps in creating a loyal customer base that supports your business in the long run.

Ask for Reviews

Never be shy about asking for reviews. Positive reviews can significantly impact your business's reputation and credibility. Encourage your satisfied customers to share their experiences. These testimonials act as powerful endorsements for potential clients who are considering your services.

Ask for the Sale

This may sound obvious, but sometimes we forget to ask for the sale. Don’t be afraid to close the deal. Whether it’s through a direct call-to-action in your content or a personal conversation, make sure you’re guiding your potential clients towards making a purchase. It’s essential to be clear and confident about what you want them to do next.

These are just a few of the lessons I’ve learned during these challenging times. Working as a digital marketing manager has not only helped me stay afloat but has also enriched my understanding of effective marketing strategies. I hope these insights can help you navigate your own freelance journey. Stay resilient and keep adapting!

Let me know if you have found this useful :)

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Loreta R.
Loreta R.
Jun 06

I couldn't agree more about having clarity in place. It's so much easier for all parties in the long run. Well said!

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