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How to plan your content easily & effectively

Believe it or not, we are already halfway through September.

For those who had some well deserved holidays in August, well done! You ( and I!) have survived the "back to work" phase, yay!

(If you are on holiday during September, good for you and I hope the "back to work" phase won't be too hard on you!)

So now it is time to look forward even more for the next months to come and start planning your content.

Remember, planning ahead is key and will save you lots of headaches! But where to start? There are so many things to prepare for the busy months ahead!

That is why I decided to write this blog, to once more, give you a helping hand when it comes to planning your content.

I would start with having 2 main things in place: a content calendar and a bank of images.

A bank of images for your business

I cannot stress enough how useful it is to have a bank of images for your business.

Having a bank of images to use in the next months will help you to be organised and stay consistent.

Believe me, you don’t want to be every single week running around trying to get the perfect picture that represents your business.

I have done that, and not only did I stress myself, but I also didn’t get that consistent look that I wanted for my business. I just had a mix and match of pictures and I think I confused my dream customers more than anything else!

Plus, you may have far more things to do than taking pictures or you may not even like that part of your business. Time means money in the entrepreneurial world, so think about how you want to invest it!

If you haven't got the time, the energy or the interest, then it is worth thinking about outsourcing and investing in professional photography. That way you can get high-quality, on-brand pictures edited in a similar way. So your images on your website, social media and emails will be consistent.

Being consistent and constant will send a clear message to your dream customers telling them that you are there for them and thanks to that, they will remember you when they need you.

A content calendar designed for you

I know we are just saying goodbye to summer, but if you are a business owner you need to start thinking about it…

Yes, I am talking about the most wonderful time of the year: Christmas!

Christmas is an important time when sales will probably go up for your business, so to not miss out on a good opportunity, it is important to plan ahead.

But you may say: "I don't celebrate Christmas!" That is fine, but you may have other celebrations or important dates to talk about.

Have you ever heard about the term “Content Calendar”?

Basically a Content Calendar is a schedule for you to plan content and campaigns for your business.

These types of calendar include upcoming events, important dates and celebrations that can be important for your business.

You can find many by just googling “Content Calendar 2022 UK”. I just had a look at different ones and there are so many dates and days to celebrate!

You can actually have a celebration everyday if you want! Bear in mind the dates can be different depending where you live, so make sure you find a content calendar that suits your location or your audience.

I think those calendars are very handy for you to pick the celebration that will help promote and grow your business. Let’s say you are a coffee shop, make sure you mark down when it is international coffee day and create a campaign or even an offer around it! And don’t forget about Pancake Day!

Including these events and celebrations in your schedule can help you connect with your audience who will relate with your content.This can turn into more engagement in your social media channels and in consequence, more sales.

There are so many different celebrations, so it is easy to get caught in lots of them, but be savvy and pick the ones that will work for you.

The one date I am marking down for sure is 23rd of September: first day of Fall.

I always like to photograph the outdoors especially around the studio and capture the colour of the changing season.

And you know what I did? To show you that I do what I preach, here is an image I already create for the first day of fall.

I have this image ready to post it on my social media channels and talk about a beautiful season ( personal way to connect with my audience) and about my content creation and flatlay photography service ( my offer).

Pick your dates and start planning and creating your content :)

Do you need some help coming up with ideas for your business? My creative consultancy service can be the inspiration you are missing, request more information here.


Remember, planning ahead is key and will save you lots of headaches!

If you have marked down the dates that are important to celebrate for you and have the images ready, you will be able to enjoy the important dates without worrying about creating something last minute - and not as great as you would like because you were in a hurry-! You will be able to show up on social media, on your newsletters professionally and without any stress.

Let me know if you found this blog useful! :)



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