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My studio is open

My studio is finally open to the public!

( happy dance happening)

Sometimes I think there is no much point of showing you pictures of it because I keep arranging and re arranging stuff, but it is nice to document the evolution of the space.

It keeps changing and evolving as well as my work ( and me!) and it has become my happy place.

I aiming to create a peaceful space where you can relax and feel at home as much as I do ✨

I am very happy I can welcome you here!

Are you in need of some new photography or maybe you have some questions on how to organise a photoshoot?

Drop me a line and we can always have a chat with a cup of coffee on our hands :)

P.S. Do you want to see more studio pictures? Head to my instagram to see the evolution of my studio and what is happening in there!

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