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My work process

I am here to give you a helping hand.

Also, to make things easier. Obtaining the photography that you want for your brand shouldn't be a hard task, quite the opposite, it can be a fun project to get involved!

That is why I made my work process the easiest and simple as possible, to avoid any type of hassle or headaches.

It starts with you deciding if you like my work, if my style can suit what you are looking for.

You may not be 100% sure, and that is normal. And here is where you get in touch. I offer a free consultation, because it is important to know if we can work together, if we are the best match for each.

A bit like a first date, but without needing to get awkward when the bill comes to the table.

So that is step 1: jump on a call and listen to your story, what you want, what are your needs and see if I am the right photographer for you.

Step 2: We agreed on the project and we see that we want to work together. Exciting!

It is time to gather information, ideas, visuals, all the details that will help the project to take shape.

Here is where I would send you a contract and all the details written to make sure we are all on the same page.

Then comes Step 3 where I will present all that information and ideas for your brand photography. Here is where we share opinions and feedback. I want to make sure you know what I will be creating. That assures me that you will be happy with the results. We also agree the dates you will be receiving the images.

And then Step 4, where you can relax and sit back while I am hands on creating your content.

Step 5, an exciting one, the moment you can see your new fresh content! I will be sending you the final images via WeTransfer on the scheduled date. You will receive a link and you only have to download the images into your computer.

And finally, Step 6 which will be our favourite, because we both will be celebrating that we accomplished a very beautiful project :)

So, shall we see if we are a good match? :) Book now a consultation with me here


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