Product photography for business owners

There are 2 things that us, business owners, should always remember:

1st one: is not the business that sells the best product the one that gets more sales, is the one that communicates and talks about the product better.

That is why it is important to communicate your story, what makes your business and you be unique.

The 2nd one: we buy through our eyes.

Images can be a great way to communicate with your customer. Only with one image, you can get their attention, their loyalty and trust. And that, with time, will lead to a sale.

But that can also have the opposite effect. If you have low-quality photography representing your business, or the pictures don’t capture the best features of your product, you will push your clients away and miss opportunities.

That is why it is important to think about what type of images you want.

But where do you start?

I decided to write a little guide for you to start your journey on finding and creating the right images for your business.

Finding your photography style

First, let’s define what you want:

- Get your inspirations together: see how you can bring what inspires you into your business.

- Think which photography style you want: more minimal? Busy pictures with lots of props? Plain white background? Colourful background?

-Let’s research. What are other businesses doing in your niche?

Once you have a draft idea of what you want, let's think about the use of those images.

Use of images

Where are you going to use those pictures? Think about crops and dimensions.

If you need pictures for your website you may be need to get some landscape pictures for banners. If you need pictures for instagram, don’t only think about a squared format, also a very narrow portrait one for stories.

How can you remember everything? Easy:

- Prepare a shot list: See how many pictures you need and where are they going to be: website, social media… that will also help to know which style of pictures you need and composition.

Find your photographer

Find the right photographer for you, the one that has in their portfolio the style of pictures that suit you. That is a very important part of the process, that is why I dedicated a whole blog post about it, how to find the right photographer that you can check here.

CASE STUDY: Product photography for Suede & Co

I wanted to share with you one of my latest projects as a product photographer. I have recently work with the lovely Dee, owner of Suede&Co. She has a beautiful shop of suede and leather accessories all handcrafted by her in Margate.

Dee reached out to me with a very clear idea of what she wanted.