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Product photography for small businesses.

The pandemic has hit business hard, specially small businesses. We had to find other ways to keep our business alive from our homes, so selling online was the only option.

But where do you start? You got your products ready and they to be seen so people can fall in love with them and buy them from you.

For that to happen, you need pictures. Yes, you can grab your phone and take some pictures and upload them to your online shop, but you alsoneed to come up with an idea, get a camera, prepare how you want to shoot the products, retouch the images… Basically, it will take you an awful amount of time that you can invest in something else, like for example, being with your family or watching netflix, whatever you want :)

Let me give you a helping hand. I have got a product photography service that not only will save you time, it also will help you to have unique beautiful pictures showcasing products.

You will have beautiful images that will make your business stand out in an over saturated market. Your business will go from invisible to top of mind of your ideal costumer.

How does my product photography service work then? It is very simple!

Let me explain it to you in 6 easy steps:

1. Let’s connect: you can reach out and send an enquiry filling up my questionaire will find at the end of the page or we can set up a free half an hour meeting to get to know each other and your business, this will help to understand exactly the images you are after and if we are a good match. We will discuss all the details and I will then give you an accurate quote for your project.

2. Let's seal the deal: I will be asking a deposit of 50% from the final balance to secure the booking.

3. Sending your products: After the deposit is paid, you can send me your products to my studio.

4. The creation starts: while your products are on it’s way, I will send you a moodboard/inspiration with similar images to what I will be shooting with your products. I will also outsource props and backgrounds to make your pictures look beautiful.

5. Time to shoot: now you can rest, seat back and relax while I do the work! Once I finish shooting the images, I will send them to you with a watermark to give you an idea of what you will be receiving. Then I will ask you for the rest of the balance.

6. You get your images! Enjoy them! Once I receive the final payment, I will be sending the images via wetransfer and I will be sending back your products on the post.

If you are interested, feel free to send me an email, fill up the questionnaire that you will find at the end of the page here and we can set up a consultation to discuss your project with no compromise :)


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