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Tamu Beauty

Last December I was working in one of the only Christmas markets that was on this year.

After takings pictures of all the stalls and customers, I had a bit of a break and I decided to look around, see if I could find any last minute Christmas presents.

And I found a present, but I was suppose to buy it from someone else's, not for me! But before you judge me, let me explain you why I made that decision.

I got close to a stall that had a big green and white sign next to it. A lovely lady smiled at me. She said: are you interested on any skin lotion?

Honestly? I wasn't at that moment, but then Afriyie told me her story, and you know how much I love a good story! And a good lotion as well.

Afriyie is a trained cosmetics formulator and she has over 20 year's experience in the industry, working for big brands and running skincare workshops.

"She knows what she is talking about" I thought.

Frustrated that the industry frequently uses artifical bulking agents and fillers to appear to offer better value, she has launched a plant-based product range named Tamu. Afriyie has focused on developing pure, concentrated, 100% natural and organic formulas with high performing actives to ensure the customer’s skin health is put first.

"Eco friendly brand! That is exactly what I am looking for!" I said to myself.

But that doesn't end here: she brings my attention to the sign on her stall: there is a picture of a group of women in a place I imagine it could be Africa. I recognise her. "That is me in Kenya" she said.

She explained me that she has set up an initiative called Tamu Love Project. It was there she met the Maasai women, teaching them soap-making to empower them out of poverty and sexual exploitation. The 10% profits from all Tamu purchases goes towards this initiative.

"Wow, what a beautiful business, what a woman!".

I was 90% determined to buy that lotion. Not sure if for me or for someone else tho. I tried on. My skin felt soft as a baby's bottom. And I guess she read on my face that 10% of hesitation, so she added: "This bottle is 100% recyclable".

I was sold. Completely sold. And I am using Tamu's lotion every day. It is my little ritual that makes me so happy. Apart from having a soft skin, I am contributing to an amazing cause.

P.S. I found something else as a Christmas present. I had to keep my Tamu lotion for me!

You can learn more about Tamu on this website:

I took this picture of my lotion. I wanted to share with you this beautiful brand. Would you like me to share more eco friendly brands that I am discovering?


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