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2 apps to start your sustainable wardrobe

On my last post, I was telling how I became an ethical influencer. And I am sticking to it. Not sure if I have influenced anyone yet, and to be honest, it is not my main objective. My main objective is to make more sustainable choices, and if someone read this and wants to join me, that person is more than welcome :)

I already started doing some swaps for my skincare or haircare ( see previous post here) , and now I am embracing a change in something that I have been passionated about since I was a child I would say! Clothing, fashion. Yes, I want to be embrace the slow fashion movement and wear good clothes, look good and do good for the planet.

On these last years, I have been doing sustainable choices when it comes to purchase clothes: I started buying clothes from charity shops ( see my article on "Changing my fashion mindset") but it wasn't till more recently that I realised the importance of my actions.

Shopping second hand or from sustainable brands shouldn't be a one off, it should be the norm. I don't want to sound like I am putting restrictions to myself because I don't think restricting yourself ever works, however I think it is good to be aware and then slowly build a new habit and letting go a bad one.

So, I am putting myself the goal of having a sustainable wardrobe! However I faced some difficulties starting this challenge:

- Some sustainable brands are very expensive, and even if I understand why the high price ( good wage for workers, specific eco friendly materials, no mass production) some are still out of my budget.

- Some brands say are eco friendly but they aren't, so how to know for sure if I am doing an ethical choice?

- Also, I am not able to go into charity shops yet, so I feel a bit out of options.

Did you encounter the same problems?

Well, lucky me, and lucky you now, I have discovered these 2 apps that actually give me access to second hand clothes and also a bit of guidance of which brands are really eco friendly and which ones are "green washing". Oh, and both of them are free :)

- Good on You: this is an app that I use as a guidance. It tells you which brands are truly eco friendly, they have articles analysing brands and they give you alternatives to fast fashion brands. They also offer discounts for sustainable brands, so it is worth having a look into it!

- Vinted: it is a platform where you can sell and buy clothing. They have recently added a home section. Now instead of check fast fashion brands, I check in the app to see which pieces I can find. The prices are very reasonable and you can find some good gems on it. I found Sezane jeans which are eco friendly in a way better price than the official one! Double win!

I actually had a Vinted account from 4 years ago when I was selling some clothes and now I re started my shop, so if you want you can take a look at what I am selling now:

I hope this post was useful and that your eco friendly purchases will be easier from now on! :)


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