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I believe September is a good month for changes.

Hopefully you had some time off in August. You may have gone on holidays, gone to a festival, spent some days in a sunny destination, or simply enjoyed the amazing summer we had in London. Basically, you broke your routine for a while, had more drinks and parties than you expected and got a bit of sunburn.

Even if we dream about being on permanent holidays, deep down we know this is not a manageable estate of living. Here is when we accept the fact that over the next month we have to go back to our old or new selves. Basically, we face a "back to school" situation again.

Terrifying? Stressful?

Not for me.

I see September like a fake new year. Okay, I went on holidays at the end of August, so this obviously helped. But I also meditated quite a lot.

I look back to previous months and I prepare myself for the new fake semester - I say fake because I am not a student anymore - that is about to start. I think of what I achieved and what I stand for. Basically like we all have, there were pros and cons to my year.

I have this theory that I completely made up (yes, this is what I do when I go full on into a mystic mood - that says that). What happens in September dictates the course of the following year.

So I put all my energy into analysing if I am happy with my current work situation or even with my life in general, if something can be improved or basically need to change.

And I realised I want to make some changes in my life and career!

Since I started working as a Photographer, thousand of things have happened to me. Moving to London has been the biggest adventure ever. Not only this, I also have so many stories to tell that I could never finish writing them all.

But I could actually start writing them, couldn't I?

So here is my first change: I am starting to write them. I want to start sharing all the experiences, stories and adventures I will be facing these next few months.

Hopefully they will be interesting enough to keep your attention and you will join me on my journey.

So here is my first change, my first new statement, on the last day of September. Just because I believe September is a good month for changes.

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