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"When everything is uncertain, everything that is important becomes clear"

I saw this sentence from Sophia Joan Short instagram the other day and it truly resonated with me. Like... it stopped my breath for a second and stopped me from scrolling down like a zombie on instagram.

I am not going to talk about the pandemic, because... I am just tired, everyone is talking about it and I just don't want to get into it again. I want to look forward and move forward. If you want changes, you need to make them happen.

Instead, I decided to focus on what is really important to me: having the lifestyle I dream of, believing I am a business owner and sharing my time with my loved ones. Slow down and enjoy this time, even if it is just between this 4 walls.

I never get bored, so that isn't really a problem for me. This situation has taught me to slow down, to focus my attention onto the right direction.

There will be lots of changes around here, so I will keep you posted with what is happening in my life.

Yes, I will tell you my story.

My business is my passion, it’s part of who I am✨

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