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Your pocket camera

Over the years I have been asked for camera advice.

Normally people's request would be something like:

"I just want a camera that I can carry with me, that isn't too expensive but takes good pictures".

Well my friends, I found it!

The Canon IXUS 230 HS !

This compact camera is light, easy to use and takes great pictures. I am not going to bore you with technical aspects, I am going to show you some examples.

The following images are unedited for you to see the real results of this little camera:

This camera is a great buy for:

- Travelling (when we will be allowed to do so)

- Family&friends pictures

- Take with you everywhere

And the best bit is that I purchased a second hand one for only £25 on Ebay!

Btw this post/story isn't sponsored, I just wanted to share some knowledge with you all :)

(Although I would be more than happy to accept free cameras from Canon but I would never promote something I don't like or it isn't good).

Let me know if you found this post useful and if you would like to read some more regarding cameras and the equipment I use for my work and daily life.

Have a lovely Thursday!

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