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I met with Love aproximately 4 months ago in a coffee shop in Shoreditch. She was earlier than me and she texted me to tell me that she has got as a table. When I received her message ( I was 2 minutes away from the coffee shop!) I saw a big graffitti with LOVE written in it. I sent her a picture of it.

It seemed like a sign that our meeting was going to be enjoyable. I am happy to say that my intuition wasn’t wrong at all.

She received me with a big smile and friendly eyes. I think the only thing was missing in our conversation was time: we had so many things to discuss, the same ideas regarding business, art, fashion and live in general… we were both so excited of all the ideas that were coming up! It was a live brainstorming!

Love is one of those people that inspire you, that when you leave them, you go home floating due to all the great ideas and conversation you had. And you keep talking and talking and talking about it!

She has a beautiful jewellery brand. I had the honour to see her collection and see her pieces from close. The detail and the affection she put in every piece is palpable, each one of them had a beautiful story attached to it. Here is the link to her website:

We shared some secrets, a bit of background and future ideas. We were already planning a photoshoot in Barcelona ( where I am from) and one in Greece ( where she is from) in the same summer!

After 2 hours of non stop talking, we agreed in a collaboration. We said goodbye with our hearts full of passion and with the non written promise that we would work together in a future.

Obviusly, our amazing photoshoot plans have been postponed but I am sure we will cross paths again and we will make some amazing project together. Or at least, we will enjoy a mediterranean city!

Meanwhile, we agreed a little collaboration where I created content for her beautiful curated brand.

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