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Twist in my Photography: on my way to a more meaningful job

During these last year I have been meeting lots of new people, I have been working my ass off, I panicked minimum once per week, I had some disapointments and some really encouraging moments. I work with incredible people in an incredible and beautiful projects, and some other projects and people that weren't that incredible and more of a "pay the bills" job. I am grateful for all of them because I have learned from all of them.

But lately I realised I have been working without a clear objective, I have been doing well but despite achieving the goals I had set one year ago, I don’t feel fulfilled. I feel I am missing something.

I wondered for days if I actually was working in what I wanted to do, I was lacking passion and motivation and I even was wondering about a career change ( what else what you want to do now, Laura?).

I kept thinking about it, I wanted to do something that would inspire me, that would mean something, that would bring something to the table and not just shallow pictures of beautiful things. I was searching for meaning. Meaning in live is what keep us alive, our passion, our ambition, our willing to live.

So that is was pretty important I would find mine.

I want to help, I am a helper. From the most egoistic point of view: helping makes me feel good. But how can I help being behind a camera? What can I bring? what can I do through my lens?

This question was going around my head for ages, till one day I sat down on my desk and I thought: I need a purpose.

And after a lot of thinking and putting my ideas together, I found it: I want to created curated photography for meaningful business.

I am committing to my new project, to my business. To my purpose. To myself.

( Ahh, that already feels better!)

I will keep you update of my journey on here and you can always subscribe to my newsletter if you want to receive promotions and the latest news!

Thanks for reading :)

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