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Content guide for business owners

I am sure you can relate: you are the director, the photographer, the model, the PR and the HR.

Yes, you are a business owner and you are managing every single role that a company has.

I know, I have been there, it is hard.

Specially because nowadays, a successful business it isn't down to how good your product is, it is 50& the quality of your product and the other 50% how you sell it.

Now we have an amazing marketing and promotion tool in our hands, that is social media. But that also means that it is available to everyone, so the competition has multiplied by 10.

We need to stand out, but how?

I have been there. I am actually there, working every day on it, being more of a marketing person than a photographer. But I have to say I enjoy it: I learning a lot during the process. There will be one day I may hire someone to do that for me, but meantime it is just me.

I decided I wanted to share what I have learned with other business owners, so I put together a little Ebook with some notions about content, how to manage your business on instagram, tips and tricks that have worked for me and my experience as a business owner.

You can get it here

I have to tell you: there isn't a secret formula. It is a lot of try and error and see what works for you. If you are persistent, you will get that clients that you are looking for. They are out there, you just need to find them and tell them your story.

I would really appreciate your feedback on my ebook, so don't hesitate to start a conversation with me, I am more than happy to share experiences and ideas. Let's connect on instagram!


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