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Back in October, I organised a Photoshoot with the talented Elspeth, founder of Blume. I met her in a Creative Networking Event organised for another talented creative, Nancy Straughan.

The conversation with Elsphet started just talking about how akward we could be in social events like that one. After sharing couple of details about our dream jobs, told her my passion and 0% knowedge about floristry, we exchanged numbers and agreed on working together in the near future.

So we did. We planned this photoshoot for good 2 months. We worked with an amazing team, all creative women, very talented, that didn't hesitate to join us in that project that without them would have been impossible to achieve.

Yesterday, Blume was officially launched.

I can just wish Elsphet the best in her journey. I know she will do great, she is so talented and have an incredible taste and sense of style that I cannot imagine anything but success in her business.

Blume is a floral design and creative planning studio that specialise in weddings, parties and brand events. The Blume style is whimsical and romantic. Head to their website to see more about their work.

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