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How to plan your seasonal content

For me, September feels a bit like the beginning of the year.

I guess the school years marked me quite a lot! I just feel like it is a great time to start fresh after a nice break.

So these days I am focusing on planning the last 4 months o the year - I know, sounds scary!- and the direction I want to have for the next year.

I am followinga 90 day plan. Check my blog post where I talk about it here

In this case I am adding December to these 90 day plan, as I feel like once Decemeber arrives, between commitments and shopping, there is not much time to plan. So in December I will dedicate my time to evaluate the year and prepare myself for 2024.

So it is time to start planning the next months.

Planning ahead

I know we are still enjoying the last days of Summer, but we really have to start planning ahead to make sure we have got our content ready for when we want to use it.

For example, on the next months I will be working with a fashion brand who wants monthly content for their socials. On the next weeks we will still shoot some summer inspired outfits, but after that, we will deep into autumn.

It means that I have to start planning moodboards and ideas for autumnal shoots and after that for the festive season. Then I can deliver the work on time for my client to share them on social.

That is why it is important to have a calendar with the dates and deadlines for the next months.

Important dates

The next 4 months are full of festivities and a change of season, and I want to make sure I capture it.

So I am grabbing my calendar and making sure I mark all these important dates.

For example, I would mark down dates like 1st day of Autumn, Black Friday in case I want to do a sales/offer, and Christmas.

You can always get a content calendar - google “content calendar” and you will find loads - and see which festivities you would like to celebrate or are relevant to your business.

Seasonal content

Now that you have got your dates marked down, it is time to start planning content around them. Do you want to celebrate Halloween? Then it is time to start planning your spooky content!

I would recommend using Pinterest and start creating boards with ideas of the type of images you would like to create for your business.

Once you have the images and dates planned, it will be much easier to prepare a schedule. You know which content you want and when you are planning to use it.

Having a plan helps to work more purposely and feel less overwhelming. So I hope this short blog post has given you some ideas for the next months.

P.S. If you need help on creating seasonal content for your business and socials, I offer a seasonal content package that can help your business look good and professional.


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