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Why do you need a shoot list for your photoshoot?

Today I am bringing you a short blog post but very useful for when planning your next photoshoot!

The same way you organise your shoot, you also need to organise what you are getting out of it and how to use it. When enquiring to a photographer, they may ask 2 things:

- The number of pictures you need: so they know how much time they need to get all the shots.

- What are the images for: are those pictures for the website? Social media? Linkedin?

They aren't being nosy, are getting essential information to send you an accurate quote for your project.

To make sure you don’t end up with no pictures to use on your website, it is important to create a shoot list. What is a shoot list? Let's talk about it!

The importance of a shoot list

A shoot list is a list of the images you need from a photoshoot. It is a guide, basically.

Here are some examples of images you may need: banners, profile pictures, social media pictures, images for newsletters, etc...

And also... pictures for presentations, for a press release, for google ads.

The list goes on and on, and there is no strict list or X amount of pictures that you may need, however there are some essentials pictures that you may need if you are a business owner and you are building your website. That is why I created an example of a basic shoot list for you ( feel free to save it or pin it!).

Shoot list for a successful photoshoot

All these images have different formats: banner needs to be landscape to display well on your website, pictures on Instagram posts have to be squared format to avoid nasty crops! Thinking about this in advance will save you a headache later.

Why do I need a shoot list?

A shoot list is a very useful tool to use not only to assure you get all the shots you want, but also to stay organised during a photoshoot and establish good communication with your photographer.

It doesn't have to be definite and super accurate: it works as a guide for you to know how many images you need for your business.

Also, it would help the photographer to create better compositions for your images. If they know they are shooting an image for a banner, for example, they will do it landscape and make sure they leave room for adding text later on.

Remember, the more information you can give to your photographer, the better!

Once you get your shoot list, you can start gathering inspiration and deciding which type of picture you want your hero picture to be or which type of profile picture you want.

Have you created your shoot list already? Then it is time to find your style! Check my post "How to define your photography style in your business" to get started!


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