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How to define your photography style in your business

Defining your style is something that can take years and it can change over time.

Trends come and go, but style remains, and you can be remembered by your style!

It may seem a bit difficult to establish a very clear style at first, but it is not an impossible thing to achieve.

And you may wonder... why is it important to have your own photography style in your business?

Because people will identify your images instantly and associate them with your brand.

A friend of mine used one of my pictures as her phone wallpaper. One of her friends saw it and automatically asked: "Is that one of Laura's pictures? It is totally her style!". In just one look she identified my style, straight away. And that is what you want your ideal clients to do with your brand.

Get their attention with your pictures, inspire them, make them trust you and they will become your best ally!

Let’s start defining your style.

Finding your inspiration

Where can you start? Very simple:

- Look for inspiration on Pinterest, in magazines, on social media, etc…

Check your saves, or even which pictures you have on your own phone/camera.

- Look into your market and niche, what are people doing? What are your competitors doing? Find the images that you can see your product in.

Start identifying the repeated colours, which ones show the same motif, etc.

Match the images to your brand

Time to see what works for your brand:

- Write your brand ethos and values: how can you represent those with photography?

Remember, pictures give so much information so quickly, so someone looking fabulous or being super happy wearing, for example, your t-shirts, will send the right message to your future client in just one second!

- Check your brand colours: your logo, the colours that you tend to use and identify yourself with.

For example: let’s say your favourite colour is blue and your business sell linen sheets? Mediterranean sea pictures can be part of your inspiration ( photoshoot in the Mediterranean anyone???)

Collect all these images and prepare an action plan

Give yourself time to put those in order in a beautiful mood board, organising them in your style.

Once you are happy with your concept, it is time to make these pictures real for your business: it is time to put together a plan.

Write an estimate of how many products you need to photograph, your budget, etc and start planning your next photoshoot.

Notes to take with you:

  1. Find your inspiration, collect the images where you can see your product in it.

  2. Match the images to your brand, see which images go in line with your business.

  3. Collect your images and prepare an action plan, time to start planning your next photoshoot.

I hope this has been helpful! :)

P.S. Do you need a bit more help define in your style? Maybe someone to bounce back ideas? Book a free discovery call with me and let's talk about how to help you create the right images for your dream business.


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