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The power of your mindset


Last Friday morning I attended a breakfast networking/workshop at the beautiful Boathouse Soulspace.


Co-working space
The Boathouse and Souspace headquarters

I am not a big fan of networking events, but I know I have to attend them so I can make connections and meet future clients. Despite I can talk for hours, I can get a bit anxious ( and then chat too much!).


Breakfast on the table
Breakfast offered during the workshop

The morning was actually really relaxing, it was lovely to meet many women and chat and just have normal conversations without the awkward 60-second pitch.

During the workshop exercises - it was all based around self-doubt- I was paired with a lovely lady.

She was in a top position in her industry, had great experience, recently got a new role, more money, great praise from other members of the team and bosses.

All the good things, right?

She confessed her doubt/fear: "I am doubting myself because I am in a new role, I have this voice in my head telling me I am an imposter".

I immediately became her best cheerleader and pointed out all the great things that were happening for her that she just told me, and told her all the evidence pointed out that she was more than capable of doing the job.

She smiled and I hopefully made her feel better.

It just shows how easy it is to get caught in your own fears and fixated on the bad things when great things are happening. I am working on my own insecurities and self-doubt at the moment and trying to keep a more positive mindset. And I hope to become a top position in the industry one day! :)

Canal views
Views of the canal from the Boathouse



I also met with the lovely Jess from Soulspace. We had a lovely chat outside by the canal - it really felt like Spring!- and we brainstormed a possible photography service.


At the moment it is just an idea that I am going to develop during the next weeks, and hopefully, we can make it work :)

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