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Why is it important to invest in photography?

You may hear the word "investment," and your body automatically tenses up, just a tiny bit.

I get it: investments are scary, especially when it comes to something intangible, like photography. Something you cannot touch with your hands. And it is also difficult to understand its value, especially when nowadays, everyone walks around with a camera in their pockets.

Camera, laptop and vase with flowers resting on a desk

That is why I wanted to share with you the perks of investing in professional photography and the reasons why you should do it.

And this post is not me trying to convince you to hire me; this is just knowledge about photography and its costs that I would like to share with you. I want you to have enough information to make a decision and investment whenever you are ready.

Why should you invest in photography?

If you are a business and you sell online, photography is something essential to have in your business plan. It will be the first impression and probably the first contact with your future customers and audience.

Your style, your brand ethos, your colors, and brand personality will be reflected in your images.

Good images help make your site professional and polished. Bad images can make your site look low quality and unprofessional.

You will also be sending a message to your customers: if you are investing in good quality services, that will be reflected in your images. I am not saying you have to book the most expensive team and photographer; book the one that fits you and your budget.

But I just think that the sentence "pay cheap, pay twice" is very true. So I would recommend preparing a budget for photography that won't make you broke, of course, but will assure you professional results.

Also, it is important to showcase your products the best you can. If you have invested all this time preparing high-quality products to sell, why would you then settle for average photography and not showcase their potential?

An empty photography studio with a white background and lighting equipment

Types of photography for your businesses

These are the type of photography that your business will need:

Product Photography: Product photography focuses on showcasing individual items or products in a way that highlights their features, details, and qualities. It often involves clean, minimalist backgrounds to ensure the product is the main focus. Lighting and angles play a crucial role in capturing the product in its best form, aiming to attract potential buyers and convey its value effectively.

E-commerce Photography: E-commerce photography specifically caters to online retail platforms, where products are photographed with the intention of being displayed and sold online. The emphasis is on creating clear, high-quality images that accurately represent the product to potential customers.

Lifestyle Photography: Lifestyle photography goes beyond simply showcasing products and instead focuses on capturing a particular lifestyle or mood associated with the brand or product. Lifestyle photography aims to evoke emotions, aspirations, and desires in the viewer, helping to build a connection between the audience and the brand or product.

Technical aspects to bear in mind

Investing in photography for your website and publicity requires attention to technical details beyond just snapping pictures with your phone. While smartphone photos may suffice for personal use, when it comes to professional representation, file size matters significantly.

For online platforms, especially for banners or ads, you need big, high-quality pictures. These images, often gigabytes in size, ensure crispness and clarity, essential for making a strong visual impact on your audience.

Professional photographers understand the importance of file organization and delivery. They'll provide you with meticulously organized and named files in folders, ready for seamless uploading to your website. This attention to detail saves you time and effort, ensuring that your online presence remains organized and efficient.

The message you are sending

Consistency is key in maintaining your brand identity. You need your images to be not only high quality but also on-brand and edited in a similar style. This ensures a cohesive and professional appearance across all your marketing materials.

Building a bank of images for future use is another crucial aspect to consider. By planning ahead and investing in a substantial batch of images, you'll have a versatile library at your disposal for various marketing campaigns and promotions.

This way, you will eliminate the need for last-minute photo shoots, saving you both time and money in the long run.

Points to take with you. Investing in professional photography will:

  • Help your business to stand out and be on top of mind of your future customers. 

  • Will send a message of professionalism from your brand to your ideal clients.

  • Will help you be organised and consistent in your messaging and brand

  • Will help you to have a recognisable brand.

If you liked this post and you are ready to invest in photography, read my post "How to find the right photographer for you"


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