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Why do you need professional images for your website

I saw this sentence on Pinterest the other day and I instantly save it on my board. I later recreated it in Canva in my own style.

"Your brand should be a reflection of you and your dream customer. "

The more I read this sentence, the more sense makes to me. We are our ideal customer because we are linked to our own product/service. We are going through the same process that our dream customer is going through right now. We have the solution to their problems so it is our duty to help them!

Just kidding, there is no duty, we are doing this because we want to! :)

I think this is a very healthy and reasonable approach to finding your personal brand and business.

This is one of the first reasons why is it important to invest in the visuals of your brand.

It is the first contact with your dream customer, they have to see in your brand what they are looking for.

But that doesn’t mean you are showing only pictures of what you think they want to see, it has to be a combination of both, as this very clever quote stated ( I cannot find the quote source, so if you know the author please let me know!)

The images will totally represent you and your dream customer will identify with them.

Which message are you sending with your pictures?

It is also not fair for you and your business to not showcase your product as its best.

If you have invested all this time preparing high-quality products or services, why would you then take some low-quality photography and not showcase their full potential?

Tell your customers you are serious about your business with a professional look. What do those high quality pictures tell your customer?:

  • That you care about investing in your business. You are committed to your business!

  • You have a clear aesthetic and a recognisable style, so your dream customers will be attracted to that and remember you. They may not be ready to invest right now, but they will have you in their mind for when they are ready.

  • That you are a professional service = offer a high-quality service.

If you offer a high-quality service, that also means you may be charging competitive prices. That doesn’t mean being expensive, means that there is an investment to be made in your services.

Price is something very relative: you will always be too expensive or too cheap for someone -This topic requires another blog post to talk about, which I will do in the future-!

The practical side for you

Believe me, you don’t want to be every single week running around trying to get the perfect picture that represents your business.

I have done that, and not only did I stress myself, but I also didn’t get that consistent look that I wanted for my business. I just had a mix and match of pictures and I think I confused my dream customers more than anything else!

Plus, you have far more things to do than taking pictures or you may not even like that part of your business. Time means the money in the entrepreneurial world, so let’s save you some of it!

You want to have a bank of images to use in the next months, so you need to have a good batch of them ready for them to be used.

That is why it’s worth it to invest in some brand photography, where you can get high quality, on-brand pictures edited in a similar way. So your image on your website, social media and emails stay consistent.

I offer a new brand photography service where I take pictures of you with a fashion style that will represent your personal brand.

Read about the service here.

Why is it important to be consistent? You are sending a clear message to your dream customers saying that you are there for them and thanks to that, they will remember you when they need you.

Also, something no one mentions and I think is important is that you need big high-quality pictures, big file pictures for your website.

For example, if you are selling jewellery that has lots of details on it, you want these details to be showcased in the pictures, otherwise, you don’t show the best of your design.

Also, it can avoid any complaints about customer services or returns as your client will see exactly what they are buying.

Or let’s say in the future you need to print some posters, you need those megabytes to be… mega big.

So these are the different reasons why is it important to invest in your photography. Show your clients that you are committed to your business. Also, having beautiful unique imagery will help your business to stand out and be on top of the mind of your future customers.

Notes to take with you from this blog post:

  • High-quality images will help make your site professional and polished.

  • Good pictures will attract clients and inspire them.

  • Helps you identify your style and your dream customer will recognise you instantly.

  • It will save you time, help you to be organised and look consistent!

P.S. Do you need some clarity on which photography your personal brand needs? Book with me a 30min free discovery call and let me help you with it. Book here.


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