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Vision board, moodboards and my pinterest obsession Part I

Do you have a Vision Board? Have you ever created a moodboard? Visual references?

Maybe those words sound like I am speaking a made up language to you. Let me explain why all these concepts are going to be really useful for you and also good fun!

(If you already know all what I am talking about, please ignore this post. Or even better, add any comment or info you would like to share :) )

On this post, we will start with the first one: Vision Boards.

Vision Board: a collage of images and words representing a person's wishes or goals, intended to serve as inspiration or motivation.

That is the definition you find when you google the word "Vision Board". But you don't really need my help to get that info. That is why I am going to explain you a bit more and give you some examples:

Let's say you are a business owner and you have a candle brand ( I love candles, you may know that by now). You live in London, in a cool neighbourhood like Hackney, but you want to bring some peace and quiet to hectic London. You are a calm person and you are transitioning to a slow living lifestyle that you want to transmit and sell on your brand.

Perfect, sounds beautiful. So which ones would be your goals? Let's say:

- Healthy lifestyle

- Slow living

- Get a candle brand that represent these ideas.

Now it is your turn to go and find those images that represent how your goals look like. Before we would just find magazines, grab scissors and glue and start the best scrap booking session ever - which I still do and love doing - but now we have the biggest resource of visual references that is Pinterest (amen!) so just go on Pinterest, create an account if you haven't yet ( I would say remember to desactivate email notifications before your email gets overload with them) and just type: healthy lifestyle and voilà! Pleasure for your eyes.

And let's say you want a certain images for your candles: search for it, search for the dream brands that you like and admire, it will inspire you.

But Vision Board are not just for work... you also want love, friendship, a pet in your life... whatever goal or idea you have in mind! Just pin it, save it. A vision board it is personal, those are your goals and wishes, and you have to be able to see them as you imagine them.

I would suggest also to write sentences, let's say you want to achieve popularity, or be famous, or just have amazing hair and nails all the time! - okay, that was one of my sentences on my vision board, but it is true, I want to be the girl with perfect hair and perfect nails! May sound vain, but that pushes my self confidence up when I need it :) And also pushes me to wash my hair and stop biting my nails...

Because the main goal of a Vision Board is to inspire you. Show you your own dreams and wishes, and remember them. And remember how far you've come, and how good is that you have put them together.

Look at it, it is who you want to be and is where you are going to get. I would suggest to put it somewhere you always can see it, maybe in your studio, or in your bedroom, or in your bedroom studio if you are a poor artist like me :)

A place where you can see it everyday, and contemplate it specially on days that you aren't so motivated. Look at it, breath in. Remember what makes you happy and the person you want to be.

So... are you into Vision Boards now? Would you like some help to start making yours?

I offer a service of Visual Creation that will help you to come up with the first visual branding idea for your business. The service offers:

- Vision board proposal for your brand - Colour palette study - 2 instagram grids with stock photography - Tips for instagram leaflet

On the picture, you can see my Vision Board I created 5 months ago and it still inspires me every time I look at it.

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