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A year ago...

I was in the city that never sleeps. Finally, a dream came true. I had saved enough money to buy myself a ticket to New York! And do my first solo travel. If I am honest with you, not sure where this bravery came from, I just knew I had to go and I didn't want to wait for anyone to decide to come with me. I thought I could experience the solo travelling and see if it was for me.

I was so excited during the whole trip. I went for a week and every single day felt like a dream. Like if I was in another galaxy, in another planet or another life. I only freaked out on the first evening I got there, looking at myself from outside and saying: !What have I done?! I am so far from home!" But after 2 seconds I realised I didn't travel that far by myself to be lock on my airbnb. I had to go out!

And I am so glad I did! I saw one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen, and I am here to share it with you.

Now I think back to last year and a smile appears on my face seeing the pictures and remembering every single part of the trip. I wrote the whole story on a notebook that I specifically bought for it (any excuse to buy a notebook, I know, but I love them!)

I knew last year was my travelling year, and funny enough, at the begining of this one I said to myself: I don't think I am going to be travelling much this year... well, it was well predicted, unfortunately.

I decided that those pictures need to be seeing the light and I wanted to make them available to everyone who cannot travel this year but still needs the pictures for their website, blog or work presentations. You can now purchase them on Picfair , a Stock Photography service. If you buy any of them, you will contribute to my small business and will get one of the great memories I created while travelling the world.

Have you ever been to the Big Apple? :)

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