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Flatlays Part II : the layout

So as a second part of the first blog post about flatlays, I decided to go a bit deeper into the creation and the styling part.

Now that you got your props, your colour palette and your energise, I will teach you some ideas that are good to keep in mind while you are creating your flatlays. Let's jump straight into it.

- Think about the message you want to send with this flatlay. What does it represent? Is it related to your content or your message? Which style are you going for?

- Find your hero product, that one can be in the middle for total attention or you can make all the other props point at it if you want to place it on a side. Basically you want to draw all the attention to it.

Picture created for Pixistock

On my flatlay above, my hero product/ object is my coffee, and it is surrounded by all the other objects.

I made the dried flowers and hand bag point towards the coffee, I left a nice gap between objects and I also put the smaller props ( he leaves) on top of bigger ones ( knitwear) which I also used to complement the background.

- Less is more when it comes to simple minimal flatlays, but if you are going for the full-on-props" flatlays I would suggest put the small objects at front and keep the big ones on the background.

- Use your props as backgrounds: you can use your favourite knitwear as a background to create a cozy flatlay or even some cardboard or paper.

- If you want to create sensation of space and symmetry, try to leave the same gap and distance between objects.

- Nothing like having common sense: I have seen some flatlays that are a bit uncoherent or unrealistic. It is true we are creating an ideal, an imaginary... but seeing some sandals with scarves on the same flatlay... it just doesn't make much sense.

- Record yourself while styling your flatlay. You will have some behind the scenes to post as well! Extra content and also will help you to see the different options you created before choosing the one that works for you.

- If you use any products, it is always useful to tag them and let the brands know. You can make beautiful collaborations like this. Also, remind them about tagging you on the pictures if they are going to use them. And if they don't do it, insist, sometimes people forget and you cannot miss out on the chance to be discovered for your next dream client.

- Don't be afraid or moving things around. I never get it right the first time I do a flatlay. Sometimes I think a layout will look great but once I put it all together and I look through my lens... it just doesn't work. So I swap props around till I see the image that works for me and then... snap!

Was this useful? Let me see your beautiful creations and tag me on them! I would love to see them! :)

Product credits:

Handbag from JW PEI

Jumper from Mango

Book is 5 minutes gratitude journal and "Just Kids" from Patti Smith.

Leaves are from my garden! Same as coffee, comes from my kitchen

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