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Becoming an ethical influencer

I couldn't avoid to roll my eyes at first when I heard that word. "Another girl getting things for free". I think my idea of what an influencer was... wasn't the best one. A prejudice? Probably. Let me explain myself.

I have to confess I unfollowed some of them for 2 reasons: they were making me feel that my life was miserable and far from ideal, and secondly, I had the feeling they just wanted me to buy things using their discount.

Okay, one motive was driven completely by jealousy and low self esteem. I totally admit it. My big advice for everyone using social media, specially instagram, is that when you enter on that circle of comparing yourself to everyone ( and obviously, losing the game) just quit, leave your phone, go back to the real world. And don't worry, it happens to everyone. You have to be on the right mood to check social media.

So going back to the influencers topic... I follow some people that are actually influencers. And they influence me, but it is also people I admire for their work, their aesthetic, their values.

So I am happy they influence me. It is like looking up to a role model. They add good knowledge to my life. And sometimes they make me spend more money than I should but in good valuable products.

So, the concept of being an influencer is not a bad thing at all if you use it for a good cause I believe. And if the influencer is being genuine.

So... here we go: I have become an ethical influencer. Yes, please, roll your eyes at me!

I wasn't really sure if that was for me, but I discovered this community called "Ethical Influencers" and I realised it was a great way to connect with ethical brands, work with them and also change my lifestyle to a more sustainable one.

I liked the feel of it, everyone could join, not looking at your number of followers or anything. Just a compromise to do good.

So why not join a community of people who wants to do good? I may not feel completely identified with the word "influencer", I am a photographer after all, but if I can influence someone to do good, then, I am up for it.

So I thought I could share this journey with you, and see what happens! I can promise you now that I will be sharing products that I have tried and loved it, otherwise there will be no point of me sharing it with you. I am not going to accept either products that aren't ethical or eco friendly, just the ones that go in line with my beliefs.

Let's see if we both can make better choices and have a more eco friendly life.


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