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Brand Shoot: more than a headshot.

We all know how important it is to have the right image that reflects your personal brand.

In a highly competitive world of over saturated visuals, we may think that standing out is the best way to get in front to our ideal clients, but what we should be focusing on is staying true to ourselves.

No doubt you have spent time building your business, you have crunched the numbers and made those investments, but don't forget about something very important: people like to see who is behind that brilliant business and brand.

I identified a "gap" between the standard budget headshots and luxurious editorial style photoshoots that cost an arm and a leg. Along with Jen, my lovely friend makeup artist, we took the opportunity to create this custom photoshoot package.

This photography package goes beyond a simple photoshoot: this service will boost your confidence in front of the camera, will show you what looks best on you, will give images coveying your true message for fast connection with potential clients, and of course it will help you to love yourself in pictures!

This package can assure you a wide range of high quality pictures that you will be proudly using on your website and across your social platforms, getting the attention of your future clients and creating trust within your audience.

Trust takes a big part on decision making as well as being comfortable in front of the camera. We want to make sure that on our shoots you feel like home: that we are like a friend you can trust and that apart from getting beautiful pictures you also have a great time with us. You can get to know us a bit better on my youtube channel where Jen and I chat about photoshoots, skincare and other interesting topics.

Does it sounds like something you would be interested? Get in contact via email with me here.


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