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Now more than ever, we realise how important is to have a presence online. We want to have our own style, that people recognise our brand straight away and engage with us. And as a result, buy from us. But how do we make our brand noticeable and mark a difference from all these other online business? “Have your own voice, your own style”. Yes, we all heard that but… what if I don’t know which is my own style? What is my own voice? Or what if I have more or less an idea but not a defined plan? I may know what I want but not sure how to get it!” Let me ask you some questions… Have you ever thought about which colours do you use on your social media channels or on your website? Have you ever thought that those colours can be sending mix match messages to your audience? Do you know what a Vision Board is? And a mooboard? Have you noticed how many more likes you get when you post a picture of yourself instead of your products or services? There are some tricks and techniques that will make this journey a more enjoyable walk. And also, much more fun and simple! Strong visuals, people seeing your pictures and recognising your brand straight away. This can be easily achieved if you have strong engaging content and a clear strategy on your social media channels. If you want to level up your social media strategy and your visual branding, I am here for you. I can tell you much more, just let me know if this resonates with you and we can have a half an hour FREE consultation :)

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